An On Dublin Street Christmas (On Dublin Street #1.1)(5)

by Samantha Young

I flopped back on the bed, my arms and legs spread wide. I eyed him and offered magnanimously, “I’ve had a lot of food but if you don’t jiggle me too much you can have your wicked way with me.”

Braden laughed, strolling slowly over to the bed, peeling his coat off and placing it on a nearby chair. He crossed his arms over his chest as he stopped directly above me. “I think that’s possibly the sexiest offer I’ve ever gotten.”

I grunted at his sarcasm. “Look, this elf is almost done for the day so if you want me to fly the North Pole before I fall asleep it’s got to be now.”

He laughed even harder, almost choking on it as he reached up and pulled the zip down on my jeans. I felt him tug them from the hem of each leg. He whipped them off with practiced efficiency.

I raised my arms to him with a sleepy smile and he slid his arms under me, picking me up and pulling the bedcovers down in one smooth motion. Gently he rested me back on the bed and pulled the covers up to my chin.

Confused, I watched through blurry eyes as he began to undress. “No flying the North Pole?”

Braden grinned. “Not tonight, babe.”

“I’m not sexy?”

“You’re always sexy. You’re also drunk and stuffed full. I don’t think you can take any more.”

“But I want another stocking filler.” My eyes drifted shut and I felt the bed move as Braden slid in beside me, his arm coming around my waist to pull me close.

“It’s Boxing Day tomorrow. I’ll give you four stocking fillers,” he promised.My eyes popped open. “By stocking fillers we mean orgasms right?”

His breath huffed on my neck. “Right.”

I smiled and closed my eyes, snuggling against him. “Best. Day.


Braden made a low sound of agreement as his lips brushed my shoulder. “Merry Christmas, babe.”