Billionaire on the Loose (Billionaires and Bridesmaids #5)(17)

by Jessica Clare

“Fuck yeah,” she heard him say.

And because she was still feeling frantic and wanted to make him as frantic as her, she nipped at his neck and started to lick and suck at his skin. He rolled their bodies again until she was straddling on top of him, and that gave her free access to his neck. And oh, it was a damn glorious neck, and she couldn’t seem to stop licking and biting at his skin. He just tasted so damn good.

Even as she made love to his throat, his hands moved to her breasts and he began to tease her nipples again. She moaned into his collarbones and began to feverishly lick and bite at his skin. Her hips rocked against him and he murmured soft, sweet things to her that she paid not the slightest bit of attention to, because she was obsessed with tasting him.

She felt his hand slide down to her pussy and she spread her legs eagerly for his touch. The breath went out of her lungs the moment his big hand cupped her, because it was tease and ownership all at once, and she loved it. Taylor squirmed against him, hoping for fingers. A moment later, she was not disappointed. He slid one finger down her sex, gliding over her labia and then brushing over her clit.

Her entire body jumped in response, and everything in Taylor ratcheted up to an eleven.

“Dick now, please,” she panted, because she was pretty sure if she didn’t get more of him right this instant, she was going to wither away and die.

He chuckled, the sound husky. “You’re the most impatient woman I’ve ever met, you know that?”

Why was he talking when there was fucking to do? She pressed her mouth to his, kissing, and her hand went to his dick to try and encourage him. At his groan of response, she suspected she was about to get her wish. She stroked him and was surprised—and pleased—to find that everything moved with just a little bit more glide thanks to his foreskin. Now . . . that was interesting.

His body stiffened. “Okay, okay. Condom coming right up, impatient little thing.”

“Make it so, Number One,” she said, quoting Star Trek.

He didn’t seem to catch that. He just rolled out of bed and dug through the strewn clothing. She watched his ass, because truly, it was a fine, fine ass. All tight and muscly and just a bit of a bubble, like Brad Pitt’s in that Trojan War movie. Unlike Brad’s ass, though, Loch’s was several shades paler than the rest of his skin, which told her that he was out in the sun quite a bit.

She was fascinated by that ghostly white ass, and when he returned to bed a moment later with a condom packet, she couldn’t resist pinching and stroking her hands over his skin. Here she was glimpsing the best ass in the world and, judging by the lack of tan, she was one of the few. It seemed a shame to hide it away from the world when it was such a nice ass. She wondered if he’d let her put a finger up there. “Are you into ass play?”

The look he gave her was shocked. “What?”

“Prostate tickles? I’m told it’s fun for the guy.”

“I’ve never done that.” He rolled the condom on, dragging his fingers over his length in a rather mouthwatering way.

That wasn’t a no, though. That was just a never done it before. She supposed it probably wasn’t best for a first-and-only date, though. Oh, well. She’d wanted to try that, just to see how a guy would react.

But it didn’t matter because he was now officially gloved and settling his body back over hers, and her body was practically doing a happy dance because it was about to get boned. God, she was ready. She shifted on the bed, so wet and aroused she felt slippery all the way down her thighs.

Loch moved over her and leaned down to kiss her, as if she’d need to be prepped for sex. That was so cute. Taylor’s hands went to his shoulders and she pulled him down in an enthusiastic kiss, wrapping her legs around his hips to let him know she was darn ready. She heard his smothered laugh, but she didn’t care. The time for foreplay was past, and she wanted results.

“Patience,” he murmured even as she felt him fit his cock against her entrance.

In response, she lifted her hips, trying to push him deeper into her. “I’m not a very patient person.”

“No, you’re not,” he breathed, and then he kissed her again. As he did, she felt him thrust lightly, pushing into her.

Happy stars exploded behind her eyes. She gasped and clung to him harder. “More!”

In response to her impatient demand, he thrust hard.

Perfect. She cried out and when he leaned in, she bit down on his neck as he pounded into her. He hissed something under his breath that might have been in French, and continued to thrust into her. Her cries became shrieks, and she might have been clawing at his back—and not really caring—because he fit into her perfectly. There was something about him that hit her in all the right spots, and with every thrust, it felt like he was hitting her G-spot and her clit all at once. Which sounded crazy, except for the fact that she was pretty sure she was about to explode like a rocket. She’d never had a penetration-only orgasm before, and right now? It seemed to be on the table.

So she grabbed his hips and bucked when he thrust. “Harder!”

“Damn, woman,” he panted, but he did as she commanded. Soon, her bed was rocking so hard that she was pretty sure the neighbors were going to complain—not that she cared. That wonderful, clench-y, spiraling feeling was building in her belly, all through the magical friction of his cock inside her.

“You’re killing me,” she cried out, even as she clung to him harder.

“You want me to stop?” He paused in his endless thrusting.

“God, no!” She hammered a fist onto one of those magnificent arms. “Good killing! Good killing!”

His laugh was smothered by another moan, and then she cried out as he angled her hips slightly differently, and then thrust again. That did the trick. She screamed his name, holding on to him for dear life as she came, her entire body clenching around him. She was pretty sure that somewhere beyond all the blood roaring in her head and the chorus of angels screaming in her ears, he was coming, too. His body shuddered against hers, and then he collapsed on top of her.

Taylor stared up at her ceiling, dazed. “That was . . . Wow.”

On top of her, Loch groaned. “You don’t do anything by halves, do you?”

She shook her head. “Sorry.”

“Fuck. Don’t be sorry.” He chuckled and sat up, panting. “I think you wrecked me.”