Billionaire on the Loose (Billionaires and Bridesmaids #5)(15)

by Jessica Clare

He chuckled and she opened her eyes to meet his gaze. He was heavy-lidded with arousal, and so freaking sexy she got wet just looking at him. “You always this aggressive in bed, Tay, or am I just a lucky man?”

“I . . . tend to get carried away at times. I hope that’s all right.” And then because they’d been talking for far too long, she leaned in and bit his scrumptious lower lip again.

He groaned and rolled on top of her, deepening the kiss. He was taking control and, oh, okay, it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, it was kind of delicious. She moaned into his mouth when his tongue flicked against a particularly sensitive spot, and then shivered when he pulled away from her mouth and started to kiss his way toward her ears. Oh, god, she really really liked her ears being licked.

“Getting carried away is quite all right with me,” she was pretty sure she heard him say, but like she was paying attention? His tongue was tracing a path along the slope of her ear and she dug her nails into his shirt, gasping and arching against him. “Fuck, you like that, eh?” he murmured.

She didn’t nod, because that might interrupt the ear-licking. So she just whimpered something that might have been close to a yes and scratched at his shoulders.

His tongue thrust inside her ear and oh, god. A little cry escaped Taylor and she clawed at his back. That did all kinds of dark and nasty things to her. Her heels dug into the mattress as she arched against him again, and he whispered something she didn’t get.

Didn’t matter. “Skin now,” she breathed, dragging at his shirt. She wanted to feel all of this big body against hers.

“Skin is an excellent idea,” he whispered into her ear and then did another one of those little thrusts that made every bit of her girl parts go taut with arousal. Then he sat up, and she whimpered because she was greedy, damn it, and she wanted his body against hers.

Of course, all that greed paid off a moment later when he ripped the dark polo shirt he was wearing over his head and revealed his chest.

“Sweet Anakin Skywalker’s virgin birth,” she breathed.

Did she think he was merely Thor? No, better than Thor. Thor aspired to be Loch. Because she was pretty sure Thor didn’t have every muscle lovingly detailed with shadow, every bit of skin a bronze gorgeousness. There was a bit of chest hair fuzzing his pectorals, but she wouldn’t hold that against him. It just made him sexier. And oh, mama, was he sexy. Even his nipples were sexy. Now that was just downright unfair, mostly because they weren’t in her mouth.

She sat up and immediately dragged him down into the bed. “On your back,” she demanded. “I have to mouth-explore all of this.”

He laughed but obediently went onto his back, his hand playing against her spine in a light caress as she got on all fours and started to kiss down his chest. Because, really, a body this gorgeous deserved to be mouth-worshipped, and she planned on doing so. She kissed one dazzling pectoral and nearly swooned when she ran her tongue over it. Heavens, but it was square and hard. He had square pectorals. Who had that outside of a comic book?

God, she was lucky.

Taylor nipped at his chest and then she couldn’t resist scoring her teeth over his nipple. He hissed but didn’t pull away, and she continued her lip-assault, moving over to the other side of his chest and tonguing everything in sight. His breathing was rapid, punctuated by the occasional little groan, which told her he wasn’t hating her caresses. Which, okay, she didn’t care much if he did as long as he stayed still and let her explore. Because . . . damn. Her tongue licked the line between his pectorals—mercy, the man had a line between his pectorals—and then she started to work her way south. Because south had a lot of fun, happy places and she wanted to tongue them all. “I’m totally going to go all Frodo and seek out your Mount Doom,” she breathed.

“You what?”

“Nothing. Nerd talk.” She dipped her tongue into his belly button. “My precioussss.”

He chuckled and his hand stroked her cheek as she kissed farther down. “Why don’t you take your top off? Turnabout and all that.”

“Oh. Right. I was distracted by your Adonis-like form.” She sat up oh so reluctantly, then bent down to press another quick kiss to his six-pack. Because six-packs deserved kisses, damn it. Then she gave a small sigh and sat up again. “I should warn you that I’m not wearing very sexy underwear.”

He shrugged.

“And by not sexy, I mean that my panties might possibly have Batman on them.”

His smile lit up. “You like Batman?”

“Uh, yeah? Batman is the shit.”

He wiggled his eyebrows at her. “I like Batman, too. Let’s see these panties.”

“I will be happy to give you a tour,” Taylor said solemnly, and then ruined it by giggling. She tugged her shirt off of her body and tossed it onto the floor. Her bra wasn’t too bad—just plain white. Nothing weird, nothing unsexy, just bland. And since he wasn’t running away and screaming at the sight of her bra, she reached behind her and unsnapped it, freeing the girls.

His brows went up as she shrugged off the bra.


“You’re hiding a lot under those clothes aren’t you?”

She looked down at her boobs. Then she shrugged. “Surprise! They’re tits.”

He laughed. “I thought it earlier, but I must admit again, those are fucking amazing tits.” He reached out and brushed his knuckles over the tip of one breast and she nearly came off the bed, it felt so good. “Just didn’t imagine in my head that they’d be quite so bloody terrific.”

Oooh, he was thinking about her breasts earlier? Score! “Unless you want to forego panties, do that again.”

He pulled his hand back. “I admit, I’m very curious to see these Batman panties.”

Well, darn. Her breasts were aching for his touch and she was a little disappointed that she wasn’t going to get more boob-play right this second. She was greedy like that. She’d just have to tackle him once she’d shown him the goods. Taylor slid off of his hips and got to her feet, standing up on the bed. She undid the zipper on her jeans and shrugged them down to her thighs, showing off her Batman underoos, adult-sized, because the Internet was magical.

His grin of pleasure was so gorgeous that she lifted one leg to try and tug her skinny jeans off only to forget that they were still around her thighs, and nearly careened off the side. Luckily, Loch had better reflexes than she did and managed to grab her before she rolled off the narrow bed entirely.